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"Cesc goes more in-depth than anyone else I worked with."

"His insights were instrumental in improving our product. This opened up tons of new perspectives for us."

Dagobert Renouf, Founder
Maximo round Maximo round

"We highly recommend Cesc!"

“Having walked the talk, we've highly benefited from his experience as he challenged us to think deeper on what our users really want”

Máximo Robles, CEO

My story

What I've done until now 👇🏻

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    Designing games

    My career starts as a UX/game designer in December 2004. Working on a 10 million € XBOX360/PS3 title, I learn about using prototypes to align teams around a clear product vision

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    Understanding brands

    Three years later, Zinkia offers me the opportunity to manage a team of game designers. In a development team of 20 people, we launch 5 products (Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, iOS, Facebook...) with aggregated sales of 200K units and several million downloads. 

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    Becoming a founder

    I miss having a more direct impact on the company’s bottom line so I leave Zinkia to found my own start-up: Wemories, a B2C private social network that makes money by selling a proprietary physical product. 

    We fight for profitability (2k€ MRR), receive good reviews about our physical product and grow an appealing consumer brand from scratch. We can’t find a scalable and profitable growth channel, so we end up closing the company.  

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    Getting to product/market fit

    I want to build products from scratch, so I join a venture builder focused on the travel industry. I’m hired as the first Product Manager but operate as an Intrapreneur

    I lead one of the teams from its initial customer research phase until the full acquisition by FlightCentre, one of the biggest travel companies in the world (25k employees in 2019).

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    Building a team

    After the acquisition, I work as Chief Product Officer and co-CEO of the Sam :] business for a year. 

    I manage the P&L and gradually expand my responsibilities beyond the mobile app. We grow the team from 8 to 16, reach 50k active users and grow the NPS from 18 to 49 in around 2 years.

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    Driving change inside a big corporation

    After Covid-19 hits, FlightCentre’s digital transformation accelerates. I’m appointed as Chief Product Officer for the whole corporate division.

    My new responsibilities include defining, validating and communicating a differentiated product strategy that helps us revamp our B2B digital offering for both SME and Enterprise clients. 

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    Going deep in product discovery

    I miss being closer to digital product innovation, so I leave FlightCentre to start working as a product discovery consultant. 

    From startups (Zytlyn, Sense), to incubators (500 Startups, Kapita), to already successful companies (Taylor Stitch, Stubhub, OneBox), I train teams so they can start using product discovery and a no-code mindset to discover products that people want.

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