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My career starts as a UX/game designer in Pyro Studios, the leading video-game studio in Spain at that time. Working on a 10 million € XBOX360/PS3 title, I learn about how crucial prototyping is to align the team around a clear product vision. I also experience first hand the cultural and technical challenges of growing a team from 5 to 60 people in less than 3 years.


Three years later, Zinkia offers me the opportunity to manage a small team of game designers. In a development team of 20 people, we launch 5 products with aggregated sales of 200K units and several million downloads. I also pitch concepts to international game publishers (Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony…). After taking the Head of Product role of the whole Interactive Media division, I learn about the value that branding and business development can bring to a global 360 brand like Pocoyo.


I miss having a more direct impact on the company’s bottom line so I leave Zinkia to found my start-up: Wemories, a private social network that makes money by selling a proprietary physical product. My 3 years in Wemories are a painful but incredibly empowering professional experience. We fight for profitability (1k€ MMR) but end up closing the company. I learn about the importance of being customer-centric from day one, testing your assumptions asap and why full alignment with your co-founders is essential to have any chance of succeeding.

MARCH 2015

After working at a social games studio based in San Francisco for a year, I join a tech innovation lab focused on the travel industry. I’m hired as a Product Manager but operate as an Intrapreneur. I lead the team from its initial customer research phase until the full acquisition by FlightCentre. My experience in Wemories helps me quickly validate the problem we are trying to solve by putting together a no-code prototype using a “Wizard of Oz” approach. The prototype helps us raise a seed round of 2,4M € from FlightCentre. After a successful global launch we are fully acquired.


After the acquisition, I work as Chief Product Officer and co-CEO of the Sam :] business, managing the P&L and gradually expanding my responsibilities beyond the mobile app. We grow the team from 8 to 16 and increase our main KPIs reaching 50k active users and growing the NPS from 14 to 48 in 2 years. Via my interactions with the marketing, sales, account management, finance and operations teams, I learn about how to more effectively influence people that I don’t directly manage.


After Covid-19 hits, FlightCentre’s digital transformation accelerates. I’m appointed as Chief Product Officer for the whole corporate division. Sitting on the senior executive team, my role now involves defining, validating and communicating a differentiated product strategy that helps us revamp our digital offering. The challenge: compete with tech first incumbents that are disrupting us. This involves not only growing and empowering our tech teams but also helping the company transition from a service & sales driven mindset (which is deeply ingrained in our culture) to a product-led culture.